Coastal surveillance

Given the vastness of the territories involved, areas such as coastlines are often difficult to secure. In this regard, although such systems can be very efficient in the context of perimeter protection, video analytics based on fixed cameras often requires too many cameras.

Acic PanoramaDetection ® offers an innovative solution to this problem by carrying out an analysis of a panoramic image constructed on the basis of a sweeping camera, making it possible to reduce the total number of cameras while detecting intrusions over large areas and over long distances.

To this end, Acic PanoramaDetection ®has an integrated thermal camera mounted on a mobile unit that scans the sector in question. The video analytics system operates while the camera is moving.

Detection depends on the filtering criteria applied, such as the size of objects and the duration of observation. The system can be configured via a web-based interface and operated via a dedicated graphical user interface (display of videos, alarms, panoramas, etc.).

Advantages of Acic PanoramaDetection

Compared with other technologies, the use of a camera offers visual confirmation to the operator to quickly assess the threat,

Other technologies are often more costly,

Thanks to its absolute target localization system, it is possible to position on a map the current position of the camera and that of the detected targets,

Acic PanoramaDetection®, which is essentially based on standard videosurveillance equipment that has been successfully tried and tested on the security market, is offered to customers at a very competitive price compared with the competing solutions, which are essentially based on radar technology.

The use of uncooled thermal cameras limits any maintenance problems.

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